Thank you!

Thank you Oregon Tech!


Thank you Klamath Falls!


Thank you all for helping KTEC 89.5 FM, the oldest active free form radio station in the Western United States, broadcast through the Klamath Basin for over sixty years. As we begin another year as the region’s bastion for community radio, it is with great pleasure that I present to you all our vision for the future.



Transmitter Upgrades

Our timbre has never been better. Renovations that began in April to our transmitter site are nearing completion with each passing day. Thanks to support from our listeners, we are able to stream twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three-hundred and sixty-five days a year flawlessly without a hiccup.


Listener Feedback

Can’t stand what you’re hearing right now? It’s OK, we all have those moments. Here at KTEC, we value the opinions and tastes of our listeners. If you’re into Top 40, or Miles Davis era cool jazz, Dave Grohl’s entire body of work, or anything else, let us know. Our listener survey tells us what you like to listen to, and we plan our automation schedule accordingly. You can fill out that survey online on our website.


FCC Renewal Process

Beginning in August 2013, KTEC will undergo the application process for the renewal of our FCC broadcasting license. For news updates relating to the process, please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for standing by us in this crucial time.


Lastly, I sincerely thank our last two Station Managers, Ryan Berndt and Derek McIntyre, for giving me the opportunity to have the greatest job in the world. I would mop the floors and clean the windows if it meant that was the only job here I could have. KTEC is a special place, and my staff will hold that dear to us so that we can keep it special for many years to come.


Thank you,

Matthew Bagley – KTEC Station Manager