Meet the DJs

DJ/Show Name: The Shoe Show

Show Description: Two hours of indie and alternative rock with discussions on music and shoes during breaks.

Gender: M

Age: 21

Favorite Music: Born Ruffians, Spoon, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Black Keys.
Hobbies: Being a KTEC DJ is the only hobby I need (also women!)

Quote: “I’m the only shoe you need, baby.”


DJ/Show Name: The Junkyard with DJ Spite

Show Description: I play anything that you or I want to listen to.

Gender: M

Age: 27

Favorite Music: Bad Religion, Tool, Mash-ups, Punk, Rock, and Dr. Seuss readings.

Hobbies: Being outdoors, drinking whiskey, and listening to music.

Quote: “It’s opener there in the wide open air.”


DJ/Show Name: “Life of the System” with Dr Sophie

Show Description: DR Sophie gives you your weekly dose of sociology on a given topic, set to a backdrop of classic rock, hip hop, electronica, and more. Listeners are encouraged to call in and voice their insights on their life and the social system.

Gender: F

Age: 28

Favorite Music: Ambient, Electronica, and Rock.

Hobbies: Meditation, nature, baking, water, aerobics.

Quote: “Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.”


DJ/Show Name: Too Weird for Words – 2WFW

Show Description: A musical trainwreck.

Gender: M

Age: 50

Favorite Music: Primus, KMFDM, Blackalicious, Dead Kennedys, Cake, and House Music.

Hobbies: Disc golf and snowboarding.

Quote: “Old enough to know better, too young to care.”


DJ/Show Name: DJ Psirek’s Russian Roulette

Show Description: Awesomely random at every turn.

Gender: M

Age: 20

Favorite Music: Industrial metal and anything with a good BEAT! Yes, like dubstep…wab waab waab dub dub.

Hobbies: Just about anything and everything.

Quote: “We enjoy life by the help and society of others.”


DJ/Show Name: DJ Baer

Show Description: A grinding yet wonderful mix of alternative rock and the electric.

Gender: M

Age: 19

Favorite Music: Alternative rock, Grunge, and Electronic music.

Hobbies: Music (making, playing, sharing), and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Quote: “McCoy’s chill to pull ratio was at least 5:5”


DJ/Show Name: DJ Wiggle’s Duality Show

Show Description: An hour of jazz to calm the moods, then an hour of everything else to get all the other moods flowing.

Gender: M

Age: 22

Favorite Music: Jazz, alternative rock, ambient electronic, metal, and lots of other stuff.

Hobbies: Bass Guitar, Italian food, and long walks on the beach.

Quote: “Music is the gateway to the soul.”


DJ/Show Name: Sullivan

Show Description: Celtic, folk, world, blues, gaelic rock, punk, and David Byrne-ish music.

Gender: M

Age: 56

Favorite Music: celtic/folk, etc.

Hobbies: Hiking, river trips, woodworking, and skiing.

Quote: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”


DJ/Show Name: DJ FREQ

Show Description: Blend of rap and electronic music with current hits.

Gender: M

Age: 23

Favorite Music: Rap, alternative, electronic, and dubstep.

Hobbies: Golf, outdoor activities, and gaming.

Quote: [none]

DJ/Show Name: Winning Time with Matty Ice

Show Description: Your weekly stats crunch and technical breakdown of every check-mate in the wide world of sports.

Gender: M

Age: 20

Favorite Music: Miles Davis, Catch 22, Jello Biafra, Nightwish, and Arcade Fire.

Hobbies: Writing excessive amounts of Harry Potter fanfiction.

Quote: “I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother Dorothy Mantooth out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again!”



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